Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some pics from Wales

These guys became my buddies in Brecon rather quickly.  Then again, the guy to the left is "Skin."  That's what he says people call him.  He has it tattooed on his right earlobe to prove it.  I think everyone in town knows Skin. ;-)  This is The Lounge.  I think I like the Lounge.  I liked Skin too.  They found out I pastor a church, and wanted to sing hymns like good Welshmen, but they couldn't sing worth beans.

  Stopped at Felinfoel brewery.  Now Skin told me about the nickname "Feeling Foul."  Of course, others told me that name too.  Skin says it was because it was a great brew to drink, but it was a bit rough when you left the pub.  Well, I do enjoy Double Dragon.  Look at all the antique beer cans here.  Spent some time with Phil Lewis at Felinfoel - fun stop.  We need more Double Dragon in the US.

Here are some of the students from Atlantic College.  We went to St. Illtud's in Llantwit Major.  Alish with the red hair is from North Wales, and speaks fluent Welsh.  They are looking at a medallion in the stones at St. Illtud's with the zodiac on it.  Jeepers!  You'd never find that in a modern Christian church.

This is what happens to old men who visit St. Illtud's.  They become part of the landscape or the furniture.

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