Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eating weird things in Walthamstow

Mike and Jules are friends I stay with every time I come to the UK.  Everyone who has joined me here has stayed with them as well.  They have also returned the favor to stay with us in Salem, MA.  So, many of you will know Mike and Jules.

The other night we went to a Turkish restaurant around the corner on St. James Street.  A two block walk and we were at a really nice little restaurant in downtown Walthamstow.  The place is called Cinar Turkish Restaurant.  Seriously good food, and great service.

We looked at the menu and laughed at one item.  Then decided to get it, and try it out.  Can you guess what is on my fork?
If you can guess what it is I'll buy you a dish of it at Cinar Turkish Restaurant next time we are in Walthamstow together.  At the very least I will announce you as winner across my various noisy social networking platforms from Twitter to my Blogs, and add links to you as well.

I am not sure I would have thought about adding it to my list, but eating strange things from other ethnic food groups certainly was going to appear on the list.  So this is one of them accomplished - somewhat accidentally.


  1. Fried cheese would have been no problem - even if weird.

  2. My normal guess would be a lump of lamb kebab or something from a meze (roughly meaning "many" - a selection of appetizing meats. Turkish restaurants don't usually do any exotic meats such as crocodile, snake, kangaroo, ostrich and/or frogs, and as the lump on your fork is far too light in colour for beef and/or even lamb, I'd plumb for something quite different. By the looks of it, could be a piece of barbecued chicken, kalamar (calamari or squid), a scallop, a chunk of octopus,even something ordinary like a piece grilled halloumi cheese , but then no - that would not surely explain your face! Probably then, a slice of lizard, sheep's brain or lamb's testicle.

  3. OK - a stuffed sheep's eye then. :D

  4. Okay, just getting back to this now. Hey Stephen. Gotta make a choice here! Too many guesses. :-) As far as a stuffed sheep's eye - well

    Blaaaaaat! nope. But you are tightly on track.

  5. Well I had sheep's brains in a Turkish restaurant on the green line in Nicosia, Cyprus back in the 1980s - so I'm inclined to logically reduce this all down by elimination to that one brainy answer.

  6. But no - who said you were logical - testicles it is.