Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Near Miss on #11 - Dang.

So there I was in Cardiff.  Looking for a place with wi-fi to connect with Eleri and John.  I needed to touch base about the time we were meeting for dinner at their house.  In the back of my mind I realized I should be quick, because I could accomplish #11 on my list of 1,000 things to do before I die if I had enough time between communicating with people and going to dinner.

Found the Starbucks (a place I hate for internet connections, because I do not like coffee, and am not on their plan, and have to pay for it), connected and talked with Eleri.  Then I made a few more contacts.

I left Starbucks a little after 6pm, and meandered out onto the wonderful market place of Cardiff.  Wide shopping mall lanes, which were once streets, Saint David's Shopping Centre is a comfortable market.  I glanced across the street from Starbucks, and gloriously in front of me was Spiller's Records.

I made haste across the street, and noticed that behind the overly busy windows it looked too dark for browsing inside.  I now stood gloomily in front of the door reading the hours.  Spiller's Records closes at 5:45pm.  Ouch.
If you make it Saint David's Mall and are looking for Spiller's here is their website.  If you find yourself near the Cardiff library you are almost there.  Maybe I will see you there.  I still have to make it.