Thursday, February 11, 2010

My trip through Wales so far

I have been in Wales four days now.  It has been a whirlwind of a tour so far.  Pictures will come soon, but until then here's the quick of the story:

Stayed at Llanover chapel and experienced an evening service on Monday night with students from Korea.  Apparently over 500 Koreans a year pilgrimage to Hanover Chapel (English spelling) because Robert Jermain Thomas was martyred in Korea as a missionary, and the Korean Christians come to honor his memory at Llanover chapel.  My friend Stephen Price and his wife Stella purchased the parsonage and are fixing it up for people to be able to stay there.  They could use your help - check them out here.

The next day I was taken on a tour of Cardiff by the recently retired CEO of the Cardiff Council.  Byron Davies is quite proud of his city and gives a great tour with political/historical insights.  That evening we had a Welsh North American Business Chamber meeting at the Cayo Arms Pub in Cardiff with about 50 people.  Byron and I lead the meeting, and Connie Parry from Tomos Watkin Brewery provided free beer.

Yesterday I was in Swansea, and while at Starbucks (never really a good place for internet access) I ran into someone I knew from serving at the Gorlan in the Eisteddfod at Maes B.

I have since the traveled to the brewery,  gone to the Penderyn Distillery in the little village of Penderyn at the foothills of the Brecon Beacons, and I am writing from a pub/coffee-house called The Lounge in the city of Brecon right now.  It is the best place I have found yet for a American to get easy internet access from his Mac.  BTOpen does not always make it easy.  Plus The Lounge is just kinda cool.

I have been all across south Wales so far from Abergavenny (Y Fenni in Welsh) to Swansea, and am headed to the Felinfoel Brewery in Llanelli this afternoon.

I will be here until the 20th, so there are going to be more tales to tell.

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