Monday, January 25, 2010

Nat Sherman, New York City

Dwarfed among the massive high rise buildings, and flagship fashion stores of New York City is the modest throwback tobacconist reminiscent of the 19th century.  The quaint two-story structure with the look of an old clock maker's shop draws your attention back down to street level.

Entering the shop one is transported into a nineteenth century novel, you feel the subtle gentility and antiqueness descend peacefully upon you.  This is typically considered the man's world of cigars, but the growing number of women cigar smokers would find this stop not far from Times Square a pleasant surprise.

Nat Sherman Tobacconist is worthy stop for any cigar afficiando on a New York City break.  My visit was a peaceful stop in a bustling city.  Strolling down the famous 5th Avenue, and turning the corner on 42nd Street I was captured by the quaintness of the building, and once inside I was ushered into a woody library of cigars and tobacco paraphernalia.  Helpful and kind staff, a wide variety of their trademark cigars, and a comfortable atmosphere make a stop at Nat Sherman a must stop for the cigar lover.

Adding to my stop at Calle Ocho in Miami Nat Sherman is part of my list I have accomplished already.

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