Thursday, January 21, 2010

#11 - Go to the world's oldest record store

At this point I am not quite sure how high each of the things on my list I want to do really belong.  It is not easy to number them in importance, or interest.  So I will number them as they come to me.  This does belong on my list of 1,000, and I have a chance of fulfilling it in a couple weeks.

Spillers is the world's oldest record store.  It is in Caerdydd (Cardiff), Wales.  In 1894 the store was opened, and it has remained in business since then.  It is not in the original location, but it is just around the corner in a space they had to move to in 1940, because they needed more room.

For me the experience is increased by the fact that it is in Caerdydd, Wales.  This means that the selection of Welsh music will better than anything I can find in the US.

I will be returning with pics from my stop at Spillers, and will post them here.

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