Saturday, December 19, 2009

#5 Pilgrimage to Lindisfarne

I am developing my list of things I want to do, all related to places I want go. As you follow this blog you will note my numbered list items. (Like this one which is #5.) These are the things I have not yet done, and in the early numbering, they are roughly in order of interest to me. There will also be a list of things I have done. These things are not numbered, and may not be included in my 1,000. Who knows, it could take quite awhile to get to 1,000.

My #5 on the list of 1,000 things I want to do before I die is go to the Holy Island of Lindesfarne. This takes me from the Welsh mountains, and seashore of my first 4 things to do across the Island of Great Britain to the Northern English East Coast just south of Scotland in Northumberland.

After a walk of anywhere from a few days, to over a week - depending upon where one might choose to begin - the final day of the Lindisfarne Pilgrimage is a three mile walk across muddy, sometimes dangerously muddy path across the end of St. Cuthbert's way on the "Pilgrim's Way" to The Holy Island.

This advice about the walk on the Pilgrim's Way comes from Wikipedia:

"Visitors wishing to walk between the mainland and the island are urged to keep to the marked path, check tide times and weather carefully, and seek local advice if in doubt. Visitors driving should pay close attention to the timetables prominently displayed at both ends of the causeway and where the Holy Island road leaves the A1 Great North Road at Beal. The causeway is generally open from about 3 hours after high tide until 2 hours before the next high tide, but there is no substitute for checking the timetables for a specific date, and the period of closure may extend during stormy weather."

The Lindisfarne Pilgrimage makes my #5 on things I want to do before I die. Anybody want to go puddle jumping with me?  Of course, the pilgrimage ends with Lindisfarne's famous mead.  Now that's a fine way to end a medieval trip.


  1. Phil--
    Why don't we put together an entire pilgrimage 'tour' for Wales, Scotland, Ireland? I'm going with or without 'youse', but I'd rather go with...

  2. Hey Beth,

    You got a deal! I will be in Wales in a couple weeks, and talking with a travel company I will be doing some work for. I have been thinking along these same lines. Lindisfarne - Bardsey (I actualllyy want to swim to Bardsey at the end of the walk!) - Abbeys - I have friends who own a siite in North in Wales. I will be getting some info about making something like this happen - so let's keep in touch and make it true!