Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#4 - Coasteering Along the Pembrokeshire Coast

Wild waves crash against the craggy cliffs. In a land known for having some of the world's highest tides, and fastest ocean currents, small neoprene clad bodies scamper along the edge of danger at once swimming, then clinging to rocks, then climbing, then diving into the roiling seas. This is called Coasteering. I have not done it yet, but since I first heard about this strange sport created along the wild coastline of Pembrokeshire, South Wales I have been yearning to dive into the it.

Here is a description from the gang at Preseli Venture: "cliff jumping, climbing, rock gully swimming, cave exploration, rock scrambling, and wave riding...." Okay, who's ready for that really fun sounding sport?

This makes #4 on the list of things I want to do before I die. Maybe I should have placed it further down the list in order to make sure I don't die before I accomplish many of these.

So here are a couple TV personalities doing some coasteering on a calm day:

Here's what it looks like with a few waves. I want the waves when I go!

Here's a place called the toilet:

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